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The Quest: Cursed Chess Set for iPhone
This is a quick reference page so you can find all of the reviews I've written for various sites. Check out the PPC Blog, TechnoBrains and My World Of Handhelds sections to read my latest reviews. If the bar underneath the Link column is green then there is a link directly to the review. If the bar is yellow, then it's a dead link that I know of. If you run across any links that aren't working, please let me know.

If you see this graphic next to a review, that's a direct link to that product's page at If you are interested in buying the game, please buy it through that link to help support this site.

I'm slowly recovering from all the sites that vanished that contained my reviews. I've added a new column called PDF, and if there's a green bar in that column that means I've uploaded a PDF version of that review for you to read. About half of the TechnoBrains reviews made it through their facelift, and hopefully I can get the others back up soon. Sorry for the inconvenience, and if there's a particular review you'd really like to read please let me know.

Last Updated: 12/21/2008
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iPhone Life Blog
ProductScoreReview DateLinkPDF
Flower Garden8/1005/11/2009
Treasures Of Montezuma10/1005/31/2009
Joyland Bounce8/1006/10/2009
Arctic Shuffle8/1007/28/2009
Copter Kid7/1008/10/2009
Turbo Subs8/1008/15/2009
Touch Magic8/1008/18/2009
Champion Archer7.5/1009/23/2009
Bricks Of Camelot9/1009/27/2009
Eyegore's Eye Blast9.5/1010/01/2009
Dragon Portals8/1010/04/2009
Cash Cow10/1010/16/2009
WiFi Photo9/1010/22/2009
Deal Or No Deal: Around The World5/1011/03/2009
Zombie Dash8/1011/04/2009
Penguin Break8/1011/07/2009
Kamikaze Race7/1011/08/2009
Horror Racing9/1011/09/2009
Ancient Vampire5/1011/12/2009
Tumble Jumble8/1011/17/2009
Ground Effect9/1011/19/2009
Secrets Of The Mysterious Island8/1012/01/2009
Alien Strike4/1012/02/2009
Rescue Razzle7/1012/06/2009
Peter Und Vlad7/1012/09/2009
Uggles CEN/A12/17/2009
Rudolph's Kick N FlyN/A12/17/2009
Angry Birds8/1012/19/2009
Bloody Xmas5/1012/22/2009
Sheep Abduction9/1012/30/2009
Sherlock Holmes: The Game Is Afoot6/1012/31/2009
Speed Forge Extreme8/1012/31/2009
Ant Conflict8/1001/06/2010
Ragdoll Legends6/1001/19/2010
Dracula: Path Of The Dragon Part 19/1001/24/2010
Guerrilla Bob9/1001/27/2010
Pinball Wizard4/1001/28/2010
Toxic Jump7/1002/07/2010
An Assassin In Orlandes8/1002/10/2010
The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain8/1002/18/2010
Panzer Panic6/1002/25/2010
B-Boy Beats9/1003/02/2010
Knife Toss8/1003/15/2010
Boom Boxes8/1003/20/2010
Space Defender4/1004/03/2010
Saving Private Sheep9.5/1004/19/2010
Radio Flare Redux8/1004/21/2010
Above And Below7/1004/28/2010
Skysmash 1918N/A04/29/2010
Dungeon Run6/1005/16/2010
Demon Hunter: Fight Or Die5/1005/27/2010
Undead: The Last Refuge8/1006/08/2010
Cubed Rally Racer8/1006/11/2010
Monster Mayhem9.5/1006/16/2010
Paradise Quest8/1006/27/2010
Maze Runner3/1007/14/2010
Pro Zombie Soccer9/1007/16/2010
Hollywood Hospital8/1007/24/2010
Giana Sisters9/1007/30/2010
The Screetch7/1008/04/2010
The Hero9/1008/18/2010
Bermuda Triangle: Saving The Coral7/1008/26/2010
Gravity Runner9.5/1009/10/2010
Pigeon Squadron8/1009/28/2010
Pig Shot9/1010/05/2010
Mani Golf7/1010/14/2010
Mushroom Age8/1010/18/2010
Mystery Of The Crystal Portal7/1010/30/2010
Aqua Pearls9/1011/06/2010
Tank Raider5/1011/15/2010
Dragon Fire: Una's Quest5/1011/30/2010
Aqua Panic Deluxe7/1012/08/2010
Altered Beast7.5/1012/23/2010
The Balls!8/1001/04/2011
Paper NInja8/1001/06/2011
The Secret Of Chateau De Moreau10/1001/08/2011
Push Panic9/1001/21/2011
Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master9/1001/31/2011
Treasure Seekers 2: The Enchanted Canvases9/1002/07/2011
Cardboard Castle9/1002/16/2011
Volcano Escape8/1002/18/2011
Dead Space9/1003/01/2011
Last Stand Stan6/1003/04/2011
Sky Combat9/1003/08/2011
Crazy John8/1003/24/2011
LilRacerz Pro Rally8/1003/25/2011
Atomic Ball9/1003/30/2011
Hysteria Project 28/1004/06/2011
Dog Pile8/1004/30/2011
Finger Rider4/1005/08/2011
Treasure Reef7/1005/10/2011
Samurai Tale6/1005/13/2011
Catch The Candy8/1005/27/2011
Chop Chop SlicerN/A06/17/2011
Ionocraft Racing8/1007/02/2011
Cryptic Keep7/1007/08/2011
Kona's Crate6/1007/10/2011
Pirate Mysteries7/1007/17/2011
Greedy Bankers8/1008/02/2011
Kickin Momma HD7/1008/10/2011
Space Ship Ion9/1008/18/2011
Split Apple7/1008/18/2011
Splash Ball4/1008/30/2011
Pocket Warriors6/1009/09/2011
A Space Shooter For Free8/1009/13/2011
Paper Racer7/1009/15/2011
Another World10/1009/23/2011
Sprinkle: Water Splashing Fire Fighting Fun!8/1009/24/2011
Kula Blox8/1010/06/2011
Invasion Earth: 19537/1010/14/2011
Last Temple6/1010/18/2011
Fling A Thing8/1010/25/2011
Dark Meadow9/1011/02/2011
Corpse Granny6/1011/22/2011
Mushihimesama Bug Panic7/1011/30/2011
The Gwaii - 3D Comic Book7/1012/01/2011
I Won't Fall8/1012/15/2011
Youda Survivor9/1012/29/2011
Egg Punch6/1012/29/2011
The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories - Dr. Seuss9/1001/04/2012
Zombie Crisis 3D7/1001/11/2012
Treasures Of Montezuma 3 HD10/1001/16/2012
Ninja Ponk9/1001/18/2012
The Passenger6/1001/22/2012
Terra Noctis8/1001/31/2012
Reckless Getaway9/1002/03/2012
Royal Trouble: Hidden Adventures HD10/1002/07/2012
Diggin' Dogs9/1002/24/2012
Twist n' Catch8/1002/27/2012
Retro Racing6/1003/06/2012
Treasure Seekers 4: The Time Has Come8/1003/07/2012
Streetfood Tycoon9/1003/19/2012
Boy Loves Girl7/1003/26/2012
Reiner Knizia's City Of Secrets Skyline HD8/1003/29/2012
Sheep In The Sky7/1004/04/2012
Fibble HD7/1004/12/2012
Propel Man8/1004/17/2012
Gravity Maze8/1004/21/2012
Frenzy Pop8/1005/02/2012
Lock N Load8/1005/03/2012
Luxor Evolved HD8/1005/11/2012
UFO Adventure7/1005/18/2012
The Tossing Dead8/1005/24/2012
Bubble Pig9/1005/28/2012
Blocks Hurt!8/1005/30/2012
Crossworlds: The Flying City8/1006/02/2012
Mystery Lighthouse8/1006/16/2012
Sprinkle Junior9/1006/19/2012
Oz for iPad9/1006/26/2012
Unicorn Rush9/1006/30/2012
Voro - unique and addictive puzzler7/1007/11/2012
The Secret Of Moonwall Palace - Viva La Future Revolution HD8/1008/03/2012
Flying Princess8/1008/08/2012
Ninja Boy8/1008/11/2012
Draw Breaker9/1008/14/2012
Feed The Penguin Premium9/1008/31/2012
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart HD10/1009/06/2012
Granny Smith9/1009/26/2012
Super Penguins8/1010/02/2012
Tales From The Dragon Mountain: The Strix7/1010/05/2012
Saving Yello8/1010/17/2012
Gibbets 27/1010/18/2012
The Last Driver9/1010/20/2012
Where Is It?7/1011/08/2012
PIlot Brothers HD9/1011/15/2012
Earn To Die HD8/1012/01/2012
Zombies Don't Ride7/1012/02/2012
Little Labyrinths8/1012/04/2012
Magic Orbz8/1012/06/2012
Temple Run Comics9/1012/08/2012
Squids Comics8/1012/08/2012
He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe6/1012/13/2012
Mister Frog9/1012/31/2012
Tesla's Electric Mist8/1001/11/2013
Green Jelly HD7/1001/18/2013
Balloon Loons9/1001/24/2013
Taste My Steel!4/1001/30/2013
Karateka Classic8/1006/21/2013
WeeWaa RockOn7/1007/01/2013
Escape from the Dead HD7/1007/22/2013
Twin Moons HD (Full)8/1007/24/2013
Sprinkle Islands9/1008/14/2013
Clay JamN/A08/26/2013
Dreamscapes: The Sandman Collector's Edition HDN/A09/03/2013
My Singing MonstersN/A09/23/2013
Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel HDN/A10/19/2013
Angry Birds Star Wars II3.5/1010/30/2013
The Rats Online3.5/1011/15/2013
City Birds3.5/1011/27/2013
Cognition Episode 1N/A12/14/2013
Beach Hero9/1005/14/2014
The Ghost Archives: Haunting of Shady Valley HD6/1005/27/2014

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